The DJ’s are back in town and ready to get the party started!

First up, it’s Jimni Cricket with some Hardcore Hodgepodge for an hour. Watch her bounce around a bit and scratch some vinyl, live and direct from Seattle! Next up, it’s DJ Cotts, the man from Aussie land. The Aussie Hardcore Show is on for an hour and you’ll be tired from raving when it’s over, but don’t worry, Cotts will be back next week! That leaves DJ Bluecore to finish off the week. Halloween is coming, and Bluecore is throwing all the candy around in the Swedish Candy Show. Be sure to brush your teeth!

Wondering how to tune in … check out the audio stream at or for the live streaming video feed, stay locked to the top page where we switch the layout for the show!

Hardcore Hodgepodge with Jimni Cricket
Paris - 4am Thursday
Sydney - 12pm Thursday
Tokyo - 11am Thursday
London - 3am Thursday
Los Angeles - 7pm Wednesday
New York - 10pm Wednesday

The Aussie Hardcore Show with DJ Cotts
Paris - 11am Thursday
Sydney - 7pm Thursday
Tokyo - 6pm Thursday
London - 10am Thursday
Los Angeles - 2am Thursday
New York - 5am Thursday

The Swedish Candy show with DJ Bluecore
Paris - 7pm Thursday
Sydney - 3am Friday
Tokyo - 2am Friday
London - 6pm Thursday
Los Angeles - 10am Thursday
New York - 1pm Thursday

Of course if you can’t watch or prefer audio only check out our Radio Page or listen with our Facebook App.

POWERSTOMP ALERT!!! Got in the studio with Joey a few weeks back and this was the result!
Down, down, down, down THWOMP!

12 more down loads left :-)

1)SPeeDX- Tribute To Super Mario (20th_Anniversary)
2)Jonny G/Fat Steve Dave Castellano -Let’s Turn It Up!
3)Miss Special_K -Bop It!
4) u and me- scott brown
5) forever young- bnh 3
6)Re-Con - The Beating Of The Drum
7)danny byrd- dog hill
8)darwin_no disguise
10) missy elliot - work it
11)scott brown
12)gammer- tell me a story
17)AL storm _darkest_shadow
18)scott brown_sanctified

So I made a 10 min mix :)

dont die wondering jimnicricket mix

my cd will now be sold on its own for the ravers who missed box sets !

Happy hardcore and hardstyle on the radio tonight!! tune in tonight to c89.5 or on the webb if you are not in seattle. Happy hardcore and hardstyle on the radio. 11:00-12:00 pst for jimnicricket (hhc)12-1:00 for wheelz (hardstyle) We are also giving away tickets to jingle bomb ^_^ Studio: 206-421-8989 even if you are not calling in to win the tickets let them know you love hard dance so we can do this more often!

Here is my new mix!!!! <jimnicricket>

track list so far … need to look stuff up on original files cause WHY WOULD I LABEL MY CDS ?> *HITS HEAD*
I MIXED this with no edits on 2 cdj 1000’s and 2 turntables. I do all the mashups live blah blah blah deejay in a traditional manner. This is how I play live so yay to that.
1-Gorillaz - Feel Good inc.
2-4 vinyl rip must look up
3- rec
4-darwin/fracus- no disguise
5- ryan core- call me
6-mucci- telephone
7- kaos-like this
8- stu I.- get a rush
9-darwin- fly away
10-stylus -hold on to nothing
11-ian k - world ends
12-recon callin
14-joey Riot - In 4 The Kill
15-mega man
16-mucci -day n night
17-mistery fly (cannot read my writing will look up)
18-look up cannot read haha
19-vinyl groover -tonights the night
20- skeets and iank- voltage
21-jakazid -jewery days
23-darwin -hard to find