come see the world famous gammer this friday! I am spinning after him so stick around and lets party hard!

Happy hardcore rave


Seattle Washington All ages edm concert. 
TICKETS!!! only $10 online or at the door

Spinning tonight at the washington hall. 12-1 COME check me out! mewmew

^ my mixes for people who do not know me :0)

This will be one of my only seattle shows as I am getting ready to hit the road again. ^_^

Fun time at pax~! With Jenna and Joey ~

Fun time at pax~! With Jenna and Joey ~

I spin tonight 11-12 at studio seven.

So guys this is something that I find super super important. We have an organization called stay safe seattle. Stay Safe Seattle is our chapter of dance safe in seattle. Currently many of the seattle promoters feel pressured to not have them at events. Stay safe is  a volunteer group of teens and adults that educate people at concerts about, drugs, safe sex, hearing protection, and general safety. They charge no money to set up their booth and hand out ear plugs, pamphlets, and condoms. Usc productions gets about 10,500 people at their events. It would be wonderful to have them at these massive events. It might not save every one from making poor choices but if it makes one person act responsibly, that one person can be saved.
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April 17th 2013
Sparky and I went to pike place =)

Sparky and I went to pike place =)