my cd is on sale as a double pack!!!
kniteforce box set~~~~available for pre-order.

Product Description

This is the pre order for the Limited Edition Kniteforce Box Set. There will only be 100 of these available – first come, first serve, as always. The release date is set for 1st of November.
Below is the list of contents that are 100% guaranteed to be in the box. I will add pictures as items come in, but I am still waiting on some of them, including the actual box and the CD artwork.

All the music on the CDs is totally exclusive. I plan to release Jimni’s mix as an MP3 via the usual stores in the New Year. I may release an E.P of four of the remixes next year. But the vast majority of what you get in this box is exclusive to this box!

Music and Data Items:-

KFACD25 – The official Mix CD, Mixed by the incredibly talented Jimni Cricket!
KFACD26 – Unmixed Remixes CD1
KFACD27 – Unmixed Remixes CD2
KFACD28 – Luna-C’s Mirror Mix

KFADVD05 – Data Disk
All the original versions of the tracks, plus Luna-Cs personal picks of the best of the Kniteforce / Remix Records / Malice & Knitebreed back catalogue.

The samples / rex and midi files of most of the tracks that were remixed for this project, including Piano Progression.

Luna-C’s Special Podcast 1: Turning Points and Memories
Luna-C talking about the history and concept behind his favorite tracks from the labels from last 20 years. And only occasionally getting sidetracked lol.

Luna-C’s Special Podcast 2: Music That Made Me
Luna-C talking about his favorite tracks from other labels, the tracks that are touchstones and inspirations. And only occasionally getting sidetracked lol again.

Physical Items:-
1 x 13 x 10 x 2.5 Inch Special Edition Kniteforce Box
1 x Special Edition 20/20 Kniteforce CD wallet
2 x Kniteforce Glowsticks
1 x Huge 18×24 inch poster, showing the sleeves of every release ever put out.
1 x Slightly smaller poster with caricatures of all the artists
1 x “Dont Die Wondering” Bumper Sticker
1 x 20/20 Anniversary Sticker
1 x Kniteforce Sticker
1 x Official numbered Kniteforce certificate

Track Listing, in no particular order:-

1. Jimmy J & Cru-l-t – Dj’s In Full Effect (Sc@r Remix) (Remix Records)
2. Luna-C – 6six6 (Jon Doe CLSM Remix) (Kniteforce Records)
3. Dj Brisk – Airhead (S3rl Remix) (Remix Records)
4. Luna-C – I Run These Streets – (Dj Brisk Remix) (KFA Records)
5. Dj Force & The Evolution – Perfect Dreams (Cru-l-t Remix) (Kniteforce Records)
6. Dj Force & The Evolution -Fall Down On Me (Empyreal Remix) (Kniteforce Records)
7. Alk-e-d – Home – (Luna-C Remix) (Kniteforce Records)
8. Dj Force & The Evolution – Stampede (Dave Skywalker Remix) (Kniteforce Records)
9. Dj Force & The Evolution – High On Life (Dj Uplift & Pinnacle Remix) (Kniteforce Records)
10. Luna-C – Edge Of Madness (Jimni Cricket Remix) (Kniteforce Records)
11. Luna-C – The Shivers (Dj Deluxe Remix) (KFA Records)
12. Dj Psycangle – Smile, Fuck Up (Wan Bushi Remix) (Malice Records)
13. Jimmy J & Cru-l-t – Runaway (Dj Shimamura Remix) (White Label)
14. Dj Ham – Most Uplifting (Bexxie Remix) (Kniteforce Records)
15. Jimmy J & Cru-l-t – Six Days (Slipmatt’s 90′s Remix) (Remix Records)
16. Alk-e-d – Super Sunday (Genki Remix) (KFA Records)
17. Alk-e-d – Selecta (Disowned Remix) (Kniteforce Records)
18. Poosie & Cru-l-t – Hear Me (Udachi Remix) (Kniteforce Records)
19. Cru-l-t – Snow In Summer (The Panacea Remix) (Kniteforce Records)
20. 2 Croozin’ – Code Red (Ponder Remix) (Remix Records)
21. Jimmy J & Cru-l-t – Six Days (Vitality Remix) (Remix Records)
22. Eko – Renegade Rewind (Reese’s Binary Remix) (Knitebreed Records)
23. Future Primitive – Lift Me Up (Fracus & Darwin Remix) (Kniteforce Records)
24. Future Primitive – Feel It (In the air) (Radiophonic Oddity Remix) (Kniteforce Records)
25. Luna-C – Back 2 Basics (Dain-Ja & EFM-7 remix)(KFA Records)

Bonus stuff I hope to add BUT THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED:

Mixes and other podcasts
More samples
A video of me making a track (this one is unlikely because of time and video editing, but I’m gonna give it a go)

Bonus music:-
Scott Brown was meant to be remixing “Piano Progression” but ran into time difficulties and missed the deadline. IF it gets done in time, I will add it to the CDs. If not, I will email each person who buys this item a link to the MP3 of that remix when I have it. Likewise, a few other people who are trying to get stuff done in time!

Lastly, a few little notes about this release. It started as a small thing, just trying to get 20 remixes of tunes to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of Kniteforce. It turned into something much bigger – and certainly much more expensive to do. I was originally going to do the remixes myself, and then I started asking people I admire, and before you know it, I had some of the most amazing people in the scene remixing tracks. At that point, I thought I should do a proper CD. And that became 3 CDs, one mixed and two unmixed. And then I thought, what the hell, lets do a box set.

I have tried my best to make this an amazing collectors item. Everything here has been planned and worked on for the last 5 months. As usual, I have done my best to make sure everything is high quality. And as usual, I took no consideration of budget lol. I mention this only because of the price. It was originally going to be $99.00 but I went with $92 because it seems more apt – 1992 was when the label started after all…